03 September 2010

Felt Food Fridays

It's time for another Felt Food Friday! (I hope you aren't getting sick of these, reader. I have a few more things I still want to create...) Well, this one is more of a felt food container - the picnic basket. I got a basic tutorial here and just altered it a bit. I've never been great at following patterns, so this kind of evolved. I think I like my top better, just because I think it will be a bit sturdier. I sewed a whole top side down (plus a little extra) so that kiddo can't destroy the opening. It's not that he is the destructive sort, it's just that boys have a hard time being "gentle." Anyway, I filled it with some other goodies that I previously made. Enjoy! (I made Tim be my hand model. Didn't he do a swell job?!? Almost Seinfeld worthy.)

Well, I figure if you read this far down the post, you deserve a bit of honesty. I HATED doing this project. I almost quit... hmm... about 4 times. I feel like the whole thing is a bit of a Monet. It took me TWO weeks to finish because I just kept putting it off and cussing at it. I finally finished this monster last night after Project Runway and instead of feeling wonderful and accomplished, I just wanted to drop kick it across the room. Maybe it was pregnancy HORRORmones or the fact that I can't let Oz play with it any time soon because he attacked it with his tiny fingers and tried to pull some of the weaving out (yeah, I almost had a nervous breakdown when he did that because I was several hours into the project). Little punk. Anyway, if you decide to attempt this jive, approach it with caution. You have been warned.


Christie said...

you made me chuckle out loud - the honesty's the best part! classic! Either way, you have an amazing picture of an amazing creation. love you - you inspire me!

teri the big red dog said...

ummm... it is totally awesome!

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