02 September 2010

Our VA Trip

Hey! What's up, readers?!? Have you missed me? Oh man. So I really have no excuses for being M.I.A. except for the fact that I'm growing a person inside me and this tiny person literally SUCKS UP ALL MY LIFE FORCE like all the time. I feel more like a "host" than a momma, sometimes. Basically, I've taken to sleeping through Oscar's nap because I just cannot keep my eyes open. Baby #2, you are giving me a run for my money.

So about this Virginia trip, it goes without question that if daddy is gonna be away for a whole week, this momma is gonna go see HER momma! My Mr. had a work conference, meaning I went down to spend a week in the Shenandoah Valley with Diva and Poppa. I said it before... I don't do single parenting, especially not at 5 months pregnant. As it was, Oscar was a handful that week. I was super glad to have an extra four around to pass him off to. (We went through a "head butting" stage and mommy couldn't seem to get kiddo to understand that mommy is NOT A SOCCER BALL. Not cool. We're talking LOTS of time-outs.) My folks were amazing as usual. My dad offered Oscar lots of male-bonding time and my mom changed lots of foul diapers and played lots of puzzles with the little man. Oscar had a ball. Now, every time we ride in the car for longer than 30 minutes, Oz says "Go see Diva an Poppa?" I'd say he enjoyed himself.

Here are some pictures and highlights of our week... Our favorite things were visiting the library, going to the county fair, helping in Diva's garden, thrifting, and this mommy especially enjoyed herself some Chick-fil-a (no incriminating pictures of that, though)! Even Oscar could say "Chick-fil-a" by the time we headed home. Nice. (My fave pic is the one in the middle of Oscar clapping... We were watching a tight-rope walker guy do his thing at the county fair and I don't know who was more frightened - Diva or Oscar. Anyway, they were both thrilled when dude got to the other side of the wire to safety.)


becky said...

I dig how Oz is manhandling (read: strangling) the poor chick in the last collage. (I laugh because Em did the SAME THING. Poor birds.)

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