03 December 2010


Do you miss "Felt Food Fridays?" Well at least one of my five readers does. (Thanks Tanya!) Today I haven't made any felt food for you, but I have made an Advent Calendar out of felt! I've been working on this puppy for a few weeks now. I took part in a sew-along over at Homemade By Jill.

I've always warmed to the idea of "Advent" (which is the Latin word for "arrival"). It's a way to basically count down the days and reflect upon the arrival of Christ. When we were growing up, my mom would make a sweet little Advent construction paper chain which was filled with holiday activities for us to do; such as frost sugar cookies, make holiday cards, watch Charlie Brown's Christmas, and such like that. We sometimes would even bake a birthday cake for Baby Jesus (which I think is adorable... we may do that next year). Anyway, seeing as Oscar isn't quite understanding all the holiday hoopla, I figured this Advent Calendar would be the perfect way to count down the arrival of Christmas in a tangible way this year.

It's not wool felt like I would like it to be, that's just not in out budget. But otherwise, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. (Sorry that the pics are sort of dark... today was a cloudy day.) My mom and dad, while they visited for Thanksgiving, even got into the spirit of crafting this bad boy and cut out and sewed up a few ornaments. (I'll probably use their extra special ornaments on Oscar's little tree though. We'll put it in his room and that way he'll see it every morning and remember how much he is loved.) I'll post a picture of Oscar's tree after we finish decorating it.

Well, here are some other pictures of what I came up with... I'm especially happy with Rudolph, the ice skate, and the wreath. I found out in the course of making this calendar that Tim is surprisingly adept at felt cutting and great with pattern making. The train and Rudolph are among his masterful concoctions. Thanks hunny!


Christie said...

it is absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm amazed once again! I especially love the ornaments - that is a really cool touch - and i loved that you put a little robot on there too!

Nikki + Shane said...

If I'm being honest, if I knew you better I would have jokingly left you a "I WANT MORE FELT FOOD!" comment. I was beginning to feel like perhaps it was over and I was feeling rather bereft. So much so that I signed up and am taking a felting class right now. FOR. REAL! It's lovely and wonderful and downright fantastic.

It's with Emily Falconbridge (she is a fantastic felt crafter) and another lady, also named Nicole. I feel you would love it. So far I have made felted flowers, beads, a carrying case and am about to embark on making a "scarfette"!

Anyhow, all that to say, I'm glad you are back with felt in some capacity. This is BEYOND adorable. I love advent calendars. Ours is one I made this year although we still hang the one I grew up with that my mom quilted just to count down the days.


Cait said...

This is so amazing! I grew up with one that was the same idea but all wooden - I definitely like this one better, and especially the homemade aspect!

Suzy said...

Aww shucks, girls. Ya'll made my day! And Nikki, aren't you the cutest thang?!?

Ladybug Crossing said...

Awesome!! And Beautiful!!
What a gift you have!
We had something similar when we were kids - I think my mom made ours, too...
I am sure Oscar will enjoy it for many years to come.

Tristen said...

I'm so impressed by your felt skills and your book groups and everything. Thanks for keeping a blog, just wanted you to know that I'm watching and am so impressed by you!!

trish said...

How did you do the felt wreath? That's adorable! I'm working on my advent calendar now and would love to do a felt wreath!

suzy bomgardner said...

Thanks Trish! The wreath was super tedious to make... it's just a whole bunch of tiny leaf shapes in two different colors of green felt, with a tiny red bow at the bottom. It looks more complicated than it actually was to make. Hope your turns out amazing!

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