02 December 2010

Oh Baby.

So, hello 34 weeks of pregnancy! I'm not gonna lie - I feel huge and tired all the time. Couple that with chasing a crazy two year old and you have a big fat hot mess. It is nice to know that I've made it thus far though. I'm strangely comforted by the fact that at 34 weeks, most babies do just fine if they come early. I'm not saying that I want a December baby, but it's nice to know that if my water happens to break any time soon, the little one will be a-okay.

Speaking of my little soccer player, here he is! The doc snapped an in utero 4d picture of his face. (Technology, you rock.)

I know these are sort of tough to make out, but I cropped it to help you out, reader... (I can never pick out ANYTHING out of the 2d kind of ultrasounds.) Anyway, all that wrinkly stuff on the other side of his face - what he is smushed into - is the umbilical cord. Freaky. I kinda feel sorry for the little fella! Next time he starts moving around and kicking/bruising my ribcage, I'm going to stop and remember this picture and recognize that my baby just doesn't have much room in there. Plus he has a cord up in his grill.

Other items of note, the techy that did most of the ultrasound showed us my baby boy's eyes! He was blinking and she could tell that he has long eyelashes already, like Oscar's. That is just wild. And she showed us the hair on the back of his head. Speaking of his head, it's a biggin'. Whoo Daddy! He is gonna be just like his big brother as far as gargantuan craniums go. Kiddo is three weeks ahead of schedule on head growth. It's a good thing that we have a scheduled c-section! I'm so amazed at what technology can show us prior to birth. It sure does take a lot of the fear and paranoia out of it!


Christie said...

awwww, how cool is that?!!! I can't wait to meet the little guy and for you to feel much better. love ya chick! big hugs for Oz and a pat for the kicker. :)

heather ryan morse said...

beautiful, suzy! i love ultras!

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