02 January 2011

Christmas Craftiness

I've been itching to post one of the fun gifts we made for some friends and family this year without ruining the surprise. We were really slow in mailing things out, hence the late post here.

I was inspired by the awesome felt board that this chick, Rachel, did for RVA. (If you aren't familiar with her blog, she is one of my favorite reads. Seriously, check out her cute site!) She posted some of her felt dress-up dolls on a felt board that I knew would be perfect for some of the amazing little girlies in my life. I used her template for the dolls because they are so adorable and Mad Men inspired. Then Tim and I created a portable 10x12 inch felt board out of thin quarter inch plywood and some gray fabric and teal ribbon. It's basically a glorified book cover shape and works perfectly for a table top. And since it is an a-frame, you can put the extra dress-up pieces inside the folded section. Here are some pics so you can get a better idea. I really love the finished product!

I can't wait to make more of these portable felt boards for some other projects. Oscar was really intrigued by the whole idea and, I'm not gonna lie, he had a good time dressing some dolls too! Maybe I could come up with a boyish version too? Who knows.

We did make a few other things for people, but seeing as how I'm about to pop out another little monkey, time was pretty spare this year. Next year I have great plans of starting gifts early and making Christmas stockings and all that. Yeah. We'll see how that goes.


Christie said...

We LOVE ours!!! So proud to be one of the recipients (not to brag or anything ;). I've loved playing with it as much as Jules has. I'll take pictures soon!

teri the big red dog said...

omg... can i be your friend? please? my husband is a librarian and i grew up down the road from tim. we rode bus 6 together. i love your felt creations sooooo much!!!

teri :)

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