07 January 2011

Is it a Felt Friday?

You bet! Here is my most recent addition to the felt world... a felt bot for my newest little man. And how appropriate that today is the day that he will be born! In fact, by the time you read this post reader, I will be cuddling with my little Charlie. That's right - Charles Elliot Bomgardner (or just baby Charlie). He is named after both my daddy and Tim's dad - two really special fellas that we're crazy about. I'll have pictures for you soon!

But speaking of pictures, here are some shots of my little Charlie Bot! The colors are a bit off... I took the pictures at night. Anyway, he is gray - not brownish.


Anonymous said...

I totally don't know you and I have no right to say this, but I've been waiting patiently for days to see a cute baby picture and I'm going through withdrawl! Hope everything went well!

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