11 February 2011

A Happy Little Me

Well, I know it doesn't seem like a whole lot - and I am trying not to freak out too badly - but a project of mine is gonna be on the Martha Stewart show! It isn't a segment or anything, it's just a photo or two, but really it's like a lifetime dream of mine to even get to go to a taping of her show. (Hint, hint hubster... we live near enough to the city to make this dream a reality.) Anyway, she had a contest on her website in search of new ideas, so I submitted a few photos the other day and heard back from the show producers about it being shown this Monday - Valentine's Day! I am elated just to have heard back from someone, much less to have it appear (however briefly) on the show itself.

I'll be honest, I get overwhelmed so many times just reading all these amazing blogs on my RSS feed and seeing the crafts these incredible people come up with. It's inspiring and self-defeating all at once. I ask myself how I can possibly compete with them and why would anyone even want to subscribe to MY blog?!? Seriously, I spend most of my (limited) free time just catching up with seeing everyone else's work. That leaves little to no time for coming up with my own ideas. When I actually make time, I'm so busy fretting about whether my idea is even good enough to post. All this to say that I'm crazy insecure. This contest and feedback of any sort is like balm to my soul! So, I know it isn't much, but right now I'm dancing around the room in my head and strumming the air guitar. At least it's just in my head for now.

So, if you are interested (and are still reading this!), the project I submitted will be aired this Monday at 10AM on the Hallmark channel.


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I'll be watching! I think you are extremely talented and I am in awe how you do so many creative things with now two children.

Christie said...

yippeeeeeeeeee!!! I am SO excited for you. In my mind you will always be my Martha Stewart girl. I think it's just ridiculous that you even doubt it! You are so original and creative, and do everything with a certain Suzy flair, making each craft/event or whatever really special. I'm not surprised at all that they chose something from you! It's just another step in your creative world! Love you and am so so proud of you!

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