04 February 2011

Making Up for the Past

One thing I regret not doing when we had Oscar two years ago was sending out baby announcements. I really had every intention of doing some, but being a brand new momma (and feeling wildly out of my league), I just never got around to making any. I've never been a fan of the prefab Christmas card kinda thingy that people send out every year so doing that as an announcement (as easy as it may have been) was totally out of the question. I guess you can call me a card snob. It's true. I'm a stamp snob as well. I ALWAYS make sure to have the perfect stamp on stuff I send out. (That's because I was a "stamp collector" back in the day. I know how geeky that sounds.) But seriously, the right stamp is important - it sets the tone for the whole letter. Really.

Well, that being said, the problem I have is that I've got champagne taste but a beer budget. What are you gonna do with that?!? All my life it's been a problem. But I struck gold a couple weeks ago - I discovered the Papyrus dollar sale. Usually, I'm too late in the game to find deals such as these, so I consider myself fortunate. While searching for a box of cute thank you note cards to send out for baby gifts, I found a few packs of those designer cards that are always in the back room. I've never known anyone to actually have cards made for them from the fancy back room people, but I just wandered in out of curiosity. There was a small shelf of clearance items and the blue cards peaked my interest... There was no prefab example, but I thought I'd just take a chance. This is what came in the box:

That's our best guess as to what the cards were supposed to look like. I guess you print the announcement part on the white section? Bizarre. Tim and I tweaked the design a bit and came up with this:

Much better! Hooray for ingenuity! Anyway, I really wish I had done something for when we had Oz, but at least I'm making up for it somewhat with Charlie. (And yes, I used a GREAT stamp on the envelopes of these puppies.)


Christie said...

you sure did! i love that you're a invitation/card/stamp/party snob (okay, I'll stop with that. hee hee :) Every time we receive something sent by you we feel so special. Your meticulous attention to detail and true creativity are refreshing in a world of prefab. (btw, the you is plural here ;)

Angela said...

do you have a piccie of the stamp?! LOVE IT!!!

Caitlin said...

Such a cute card! I can't believe you made it! I love reading all of your blog posts - everything you make or do is so adorable! :)

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