25 March 2011

Felt Friday!

Well it's about time, right?!? Geez. Life with a baby and an emotional two year old takes its toll on a person. I have a few projects in the works and I've FINALLY finished one of them. (I'm also working on a felt "Handy Manny" car play-mat, a felt wristwatch, and this awesome Easter "Peeps" bunting. We'll see what actually gets done in the next few weeks...) Anyway, this is something I've been wanting to do for Charlie's room for a while now. We themed his nursery in "Robots" and I've had such a hard time finding things to decorate with. I'm nearly done with decorating Charlie's room so I'll post a tour soon. Charlie's mobile was one big thing on my to-do list. I ended up making Oscar's mobile when he was a baby, too. I guess I'm a bit picky.

Here it is! Charlie's felt robot mobile. (The mobile itself was actually one I bought on clearance at Pottery Barn. I just disassembled it to hang the 'bots on instead of the freakish sea creatures it came with.) Here are some robot close-ups:

All the 'bots have a heart embroidered on their tummies except for the gray one in the middle. She has "Love, Mommy" on her back. I sure hope Charlie likes it!


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