17 March 2011

Pot 'O' Gold

Well hello, Saint Patrick's Day! And hello, reader. Did you think I'd gone missing? It's my kids. I blame my kids. Speaking of, I have a new flock of images for you all. Be careful - the images may burn your eye sockets. Charlie is starting to smile now and it is painfully cute. (Yes, I know I'm biased.) And here is a new "awakescape" for ya, too.

As you can see, big brother Oz couldn't resist joining the fun. He was entranced by the fake gold, the little leprechaun.

Side Note: Please don't use photos of my kiddos unless you are related by blood.


Christie said...

oh my goodness! this one's my favorite so far! I absolutely adore the felt shirt!!! And your boys are crazy cute!

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