28 March 2011

Who Knew?!?

So, who knew that freezer paper stenciling was the easiest ever way to make a great shirt?!? Holy cow. It is. I was inspired to do a "Bert" shirt by this fun blog and I figured if it worked out right, then I'd do a few others. SO EASY. Read Dana's tutorial and go make a few (or five)!

Jury is still out on Oscar's favorite one. He's crazy for the "Handy Manny" shirt, but he asked to wear the "Bert" shirt today. This boy really loves the color yellow.

Also, can I just say that peeling the freezer paper off after the paint has dried is WAY more fun and addicting than peeling a sunburn? (Oh please. Don't pretend that you don't enjoy doing that, reader. You know you do.)


Christie said...

wow, those are seriously amazing. i love them all! I need to look at a tutorial again. I tried a while back, but couldn't get the "stick" right.

Christie said...

fave's probably got to be the paper airplane, closely followed by the lego star trooper and bert!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are great! Off to watch the tutorial because I LOVE peeling sunburns!

Caitlin said...

These look professional! I'm trying to decide what I would put on grownup shirts for me... Maybe cupcakes? As always, I love your crafts!

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