13 April 2011

Nursery Tour

So, I got a sweet email from a reader yesterday who liked some of my felt robots and is doing a retro robot theme in her new baby's room, too. And I know I'll never quite feel like I've "finished" decorating, but figured I'd better get on the ball and post our nursery tour before Charlie gets too much bigger, like walking and talking and whatnot. Anyway, right now Charlie Bear is still sleeping in our bedroom, but we let him take some naps in the nursery and we may move him in there once we get a solid night schedule down. He goes anywhere from 5 to 8 hours between night feedings, but it's still pretty random. I figure he'll be ready to have his own space sometime this summer.

As far as the room goes, we decided that a robot theme would be really fun for Charlie. We almost did Oscar's nursery in robots, but found vintage cowboy stuff so much easier to find (especially since we have half of our family down in Texas)! I didn't want to do a space/alien theme, which usually gets lumped in with robots, so we had a really hard time finding exactly what we wanted. And I didn't want scary looking robots with ray guns and such, either. I ended up making a lot of things (diaper holder, bedding, changing table mat, mobile, etc.) just because there really aren't many options out there. And I'm really happy with the sprockets we hand-painted on the walls. (The inspiration for that came from Ohdeedoh. Seriously LOVE that site!) The sprockets were totally a labor of love. That took DAYS. Tim is still working on making a sprocket hat rack for the back of the closet door. Also, I am not super pleased with Charlie's bookshelf just yet - it's way too cluttered. I'm currently weeding our board book collection. You know us librarians... We just can't get enough books. It's a problem. Really.

Without further ado, here is Charlie's room! Enjoy! (Sorry for the slightly dark pictures. The lighting isn't great and I'm no photographer.) Feel free to let me in on suggestions. Like I said, I'll never be quite finished...


Christie said...

really love it, so great! what lucky kids! I can't wait to see it in person! love ya!

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