21 April 2011

Carrot Anyone?

I've fallen behind on doing my little "awakescapes." There just aren't enough hours in the day. I know I better get as many as I can in now before Charlie can actually scurry away from me like his big brother does! Taking pictures of Oz is just an exercise in frustration. He does okay usually if we set up the camera timer and he can see the flashing light. Anyway. Needless to say, we don't take as many pictures as we'd like to. Oscar literally scolds me when I sneak a picture of him. He says "No ma'am! Mommy, you NOT take picture." At least he calls me ma'am.

Well regardless, here is my Easter-inspired baby carrot. Hope you enjoy, reader. And I hope you have an Easter full of pictures of happy two-year olds. That's what I'm hoping for me, at least.

Note: Please don't use pictures of my babies. Remember, they are mine - not yours.


Christie said...

so cute!!! i love his little sweet face and the way you see his dimples even if he isn't grinning! can't wait to meet him!!!

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