15 April 2011

Fun Craft Friday

I found the coolest thing to make my sweet friend Ann's 4 yr. old twins for their birthday party and I want to share it with you, readers.

This is totally my new go-to-gift for 3 and 4 year old kiddos. It is a pretty easy gift to put together and really economical too, not to mention that it's a smart gift! I like presents that are non-plasticy and something that requires thought and creativity, especially for a preschooler. Anyway, I saw the idea as a guest post on one of my favorite blogs - MADE. It's from a blog called Saltwater Kids. She created a "Deluxe Fort Kit" and it's brilliant. I just followed her tutorial (http://www.saltwater-kids.com/2010/12/thrifty-gifts-fort-building-kit.html) for the kit and made a hobo sack to put the completed kit into. Super easy and way cute.

The kit included two vintage sheets with ties sewn onto them for easy hooking/tying or whatnot, suction cups with hooks, small clamps, clothespins, nylon rope, and a flashlight, plus a cute little drawstring bag to put the goodies into. All in all, the kit cost me about $20 bucks. You could totally do it for cheaper if you have good thrift stores and dollar stores near you. Unfortunately, I live in a ridiculously expensive area with neither thrift stores or dollar stores. I had to get most everything from Home Depot. Anyway, here are some pictures of the finished kit:


Angela said...

i am so making one of these for a guy in our church! His family and ours are very close and he is mid 20s and 'borrows' our children so they can build forts! he is gonna love this!

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