19 July 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well, I haven't gotten any silver bells or cockle shells to come up, but I have lots of lettuce and tomatoes! And I also have my own little garden gnome (except mine moves about and eats all my produce).

I got inspired this year (thanks to my big sister) to grow a little veggie patch. It's not much, since we're renters and all that, but it is enough for our little family. For Mother's Day this year, Tim and Oscar built me a raised garden bed. It was so sweet. We're doing the square foot garden plan, so we planted LOTS into our tiny space. We planted cherry tomatoes and some regular tomatoes, various types of lettuces (from spinach to romaine and in between), broccoli, cucumbers, beans, sweet peas, peppers, basil, carrots, and parsley. Some things we grew from seedlings and others we bought. The plants all have done fairly well, all except for my cucumbers and the broccoli.

Something crazy attacked the cucumbers early on and they just never recovered. I think my broccoli maybe has the same foe - the white moth. I don't care too much about the broccoli because that was just a tester kind of crop for me. The cucumbers were an insult to me though. We love our cucumbers in this household. We'll try again next year, I guess. Do you see the little white bucket hiding in my deadish cucumber vines? I've been trying to trap whatever that bug is in a solution of water, white vinegar, and molasses. I fear it's too late, though.

Enough of that though. Check out my harvest! Warning: this could make you hungry...


becky said...

Yay! Love posts on gardening, and it's about stinkin time you put up some pictures of your green space. :)

Miss you!

Christie said...

my, oh, my, it's gorgeous Suzy! It's just another example of how you use what you have to make amazing things happen. Sending lots of love your way and counting down the days til you come!

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