26 July 2011

Charlie's 6 Month Party

I know I haven't been faithful at posting the parties, but they do at least still happen. I tell ya, what I wouldn't do to just add an extra hour to my day.

Anyway, this last party was pure summer time - a camping theme.

I made a little felt fire with felt logs for the occasion using a pattern from this awesome book. (LOVE!) It turned out great and Oz is now using it to play "fireman" with. Here is Charlie taste testing everything... Mommy's little pyro.

We had a lot of fun this month, watching Charlie learn all sorts of new things. He really is starting to be such a boy! He blows raspberries all the time, especially when he's eating solids. (Yuck.) And he is so funny. He laughs and laughs at the crazy things Oscar does to get his attention. Watching the two of them together makes me so happy. They really have a special bond already. The whoopie pies this month were smores. They were scrumptious albeit a bit time consuming. If you get a craving for these, I used a recipe from the book Whoopie Pies : Dozens of Mix 'em, Match 'em, Eat 'em Up Recipes. So, be honest. Don't you just want to eat the whole stack of these?!? They were very gooey and just generally amazing. Oz went crazy for them.

Happy 6 months, my little Charlie Bear! And tune in for month 7 - which is in about a week. Yeah, for real. (Sheesh. I gotta get my act together.)


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