28 August 2011

Happy Birthday, Buddy.

Oh Andy. I can't believe my baby brother just turned thirty. Lordy. That makes him old, but me even OLDER. Ick! Anyway, we wanted it to be a super birthday for such a super fella so Rachel and I threw Andy a Super Friends birthday!

Andy has always been a big Superman fan, so we started the day (after a delicious lunch at Big Daddy's - a funky retro diner in the city) making a pilgrimage to a little known Superman site - The Daily News Building aka the Daily Planet. We brought Andy in and walked him around before revealing where he was. He made a few guesses and then we showed him this youtube clip of Clark Kent and Lois Lane leaving the Daily Planet and he got a smile that spread from ear to ear. So sweet.

Then we headed back to our place for a superhero spread. I chopped up some old comic books to make some pennant bunting and used some black and white fabric to make everything pop. Tim made some Superman Jello squares and I made a yummy green Kryptonite cake. We also had some "Biff! Pow!" sugar cookies and "energy" fruit, plus an awesome cityscape that Tim drew on the back wall. It ended up looking really great and certainly made the birthday boy know how special he is to all of us. Here are some fun pics of the party... (For the rest of the pictures, you can go here.)

Who invited the Green Lantern twins?!?
Biff! Pow! KerPlunk! Splat!
Yeah - we're pretty super.


Caitlin said...

I love this so much! Even your "grown up" parties are so cute. And they are such an adorable couple too. Did the boys like the party too? Looks fun for everyone!

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