16 August 2011

Another Day

Oh 32. You snuck up on me. That was not cool. Well, in an effort to not be down about earning another year on my driver's license and some more gray hairs, how about a list? I like lists, as they help me feel like I am moving forward in life. There is nothing like the feeling of being able to cross something off your list to make you feel like an accomplished winner. That's right. I said it. I may be growing old, but I still want to be a winner.

Here are 32 things I want to look forward to and accomplish in my NEXT 32 years! (You like that?!? I'm giving myself a 32 year deadline for this list. Ah yeah.) Here we go:
  1. Visit Paris again and just frolick about instead of frantically sight-see.
  2. Make something ugly. (You read that right.) I just read a great post here about why we all need to make some ugly crafts and I think that I REALLY need to make something ugly.
  3. Change banks. Down with Wells Fargo.
  4. Join a club.
  5. Call my sister more often.
  6. Sew something for me. I'm always making stuff for my boys and I think I need to be selfish and just do a Suzy project.
  7. Take a Red Velvet online course. I just think the Red Velvet gals are the cutest.
  8. Go to Mexico and be a tourist.
  9. Get a better camera and learn how to use it.
  10. Learn how to swing dance.
  11. Lose that last 5 pounds...
  12. Figure out how to grow and enjoy lettuce. I had a bumper crop this year of bitter leaves and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong. But I am up for the challenge... next year.
  13. Get a tattoo.
  14. Raise my boys to be genuine, respectful, and loving.
  15. Laugh more.
  16. Make a chair cover for my guest room wingback.
  17. Wear more skirts.
  18. Learn how to cook some yummy dinners that even Oscar will eat.
  19. Visit every state in the US, even Alaska.
  20. Learn to fix my hair.
  21. Blog more often.
  22. Get a dog. (That also means get a house, because I have to have my own backyard prior to owning an animal that cannot be potty trained.)
  23. Speaking of... Potty Train Oscar!
  24. Learn to use Google+.
  25. Get a tan.
  26. Finish a scrapbook project. It doesn't even matter which one... just at least one of them!
  27. Have high tea at the Russian Tea Room in NY.
  28. Sleep in a castle, at least for a night.
  29. Do a REALLY good deed without anyone knowing about it.
  30. Buy myself a sweet bike and ride it frequently with the boys.
  31. Read a sappy Victorian novel, something I haven't already read before.
  32. Go on a family vacation.
That should do it! I feel better already. Here we go, mid-thirties. I'm ready for you.


Christie said...

i <3 you so much! I hope you are having the happiest birthday! I'm planning to call a little later (after smallgroup) if that's ok. Happy Birthday Sweet Pea! We sure do love you and miss you tons!

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