14 January 2012


7 Peculiar Things About Me

  1. Like my mother and my sister, I regulate my body temp by sticking a foot or two out of my covers when I sleep. I don't know how odd that is, but it sure does freak my husband out.
  2. Sometimes I walk around the house meowing at my cat. She seems to enjoy it, but I'm not sure about my downstairs neighbors.
  3. I'm really vain about pictures. Sometimes I photoshop myself skinnier, which I guess is false advertising or historically inaccurate or whatever. I'm into "revisionist history" where it concerns me.
  4. I am overly concerned about how a person my age "should" act. I constantly watch people in my age bracket to see what it is they do that make them seem like they are in their late twenties. I thought everyone did this, but according to my husband, I am the only one.
  5. When nobody is home, I sing and dance all over my house. Tim has caught me a couple of times. Really embarrassing.
  6. I LOVE to play dress-up. I mean I really love it. I would play dress-up everyday if I wasn't so concerned about what other people my age do. I especially love wigs. Maybe I should be a spy or something. Then I could play dress-up for work.
  7. I have a cataloged collection of PEZ dispensers.


Caitlin said...

I totally do #1 too! If (my) Tim tucks my foot back in, I'll push it back out again even if I'm fast asleep. Also, you should dress up as much as you want - just because other people are boring doesn't mean you have to be too!

Christie said...

Love this list! I learned some new things about you. I would so LOVE to catch you singing and dancing! And fyi, people our age say "ah me!" and "well bless my soul!" all the time. :D

Christie said...

and sleeping climate control is a must! Totally normal!

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