22 April 2012

Airplanes, Boats, and Submarines - Oh My!

We took the boys this past Wednesday to see the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum in the city, and whoo buddy, Oscar was mighty pleased.  Oz is at the ripe age of three and a half and loves ANYTHING to do with transportation.  He doesn't know anything about the machine guns and missiles and whatnot attached to the planes and submarines, but that is a good thing, I think.  I want to keep him innocent of that stuff as long as I can - which probably won't be too much longer as he is nearing preschool.  Eek!  Did I actually write that?!?  My baby is going to S.C.H.O.O.L.  Yikes!

Moving on... The Intrepid (for those of you who don't know) is a WWII aircraft carrier that now serves as a military and maritime museum docked in the Hudson on the West Side of Manhattan.  The museum is a historical landmark and it showcases all sorts of famous stuff, like the USS Intrepid (well duh), the submarine USS Growler, a Concorde SST, and a Lockheed A-12.  And in a couple of months it will also have the Space Shuttle Enterprise!  While we were visiting, they had giant cranes moving airplanes in order to make a space for her.  Bonus! 

All of this was made possible by my lovely library and the museum passes they offer for check out.  Hot dog!  What a cool thing. I know I sound like I'm advertising or something, but I love libraries so much and being able to check out a pass to a museum (basically a free ticket!) is just plain amazing.  Also amazing was bypassing the 45 minute long line into the museum because we had a pass.  Sweet momma!  I foresee the using of many such passes in my future.

Oscar and Charlie quite enjoyed themselves.  Oz later told me that his favorite part was sitting in the space capsule (and when asked the same question, Charlie replies with a grin "Bah!" -so that could just mean anything).  We didn't get to see everything, but that just means we'll have to go back!  Warning: this post is about to get real picture heavy... I've been playing with Picmonkey since Picnik is no more.  Anyone else like it?  I really have been enjoying all the filters!  In fact, for these pictures, I used a filter called "Intrepid!"  How perfect.  My favorite picture is this one below of Charlie.  Doesn't that filter give it such a cool retro effect?!? 

Ready for more pictures?  Here ya go!  (Click on any of them to see them larger.)
Oscar got a penny that was smashed with the Intrepid design on it.  He was thrilled.
 Space Capsule!!!
 Oz LOVED the idea of bunk beds... I foresee these in our future.

 Did you make it?  Thanks for looking at our day!  And let me know if you are loving Picmonkey or if you found anything different to fill the Picnik hole in your photo editing!


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