03 May 2012

Party Animals

Nope.  Not really.  That post title isn't a true representation of my boys. When it comes to parties and social events, my guys (so far) are very much like their daddy in that they stick to the side-lines and don't participate unless begged forced threatened bribed.  Yeash.  For someone like me who LOVES to play hostess and/or go to a fun party, this is just downright disappointing.

Anyway, I have this wonderful friend (and former coworker) who has three awesome little girls.  She lives in the city, so we don't get to hang out much. We both throw killer birthday parties, though.  This year, for her twins' birthday, she had the girls' party at the Reebok Sports Club on the West Side of Manhattan.  It was a "rock climbing" party!  Sweet!  We got the boys all packed up for an afternoon of fun and away we went.

Who knew it would be so dang difficult to get a three and a half year old to participate in relay races and pizza time?!?  Good grief.  This boy would have been completely content playing with the train table in the kiddo play room.  And Charlie?  He was perfectly happy eating up all the blueberries and playing with the naked baby dolls.  How embarrassing.  I did get some cute pictures, so it looks like we had a blast.  Oh, and Oscar is pretty incredible at rock climbing.  He made his daddy quite proud (and his mommy quite worried).  Afterward, Tim and I celebrated surviving the event by treating ourselves to crazy delicious cupcakes at a nearby Magnolia Bakery.  Hey - we deserved it.


Christie Tudor said...

Kidz! fo real. i especially love the pic with Charlie and the naked baby dolls - a favorite! The things mommas have to put up with. I love how you always find the upside - it's inspiring. Love you miss!

Caitlin said...

Mmm, I had a caramel cupcake at Magnolia the last time I was in NYC, and I was blown away! Sounds like a great reward for a fun but tiring day!

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