02 April 2012

No Bunny Knows...

Whoo!  We survived Easter bunny pictures.  (These can always go either way, you know.  And our Santa pictures were epically bad.)  I'm just so pleased that these turned out the way they did, considering that one: we had to wake Charlie up from his nap to get there in time and two: when we got to the mall, their server went down and we waited in line for an hour. Yes we did. And these children were still moderately pleasant after waiting to see the bunny for an entire hour!  Zowie mama.  Can't ask for more than that.  Basically, the bunny picture people knew we had waited in line that whole time and just let us take our own camera pics after seeing that they weren't going to have any luck fixing their computer issues.  A Palm Sunday miracle, because I was not about to get those boys dressed up again.  Here are my boys with a giant furry rabbit-man...


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