29 March 2012

Weekly Wrap

This week has kind of blown by!  I guess I should mention what I've been up to.  I've had such a lovely week.
This past Saturday I got to spent the day with my lovely future sister-in-law!  I took the day off to play in the city with her.  It was such a blast.  I picked her up from the Broadway show she is working with (Anything Goes) and she showed me the backstage area - think dressing rooms with door plates, fancy wigs, a room full of washing machines, golden costumes. It was incredible.  What was even cooler though was returning that night to pick up her overnight bag during the show!  Eek!  How fun to hear the intercom calling places and see the scurry of actors in their finery.  Wow.  And they were all so nice, even! 

Rachel and I did lots of shopping on Saturday - we thrifted, went to some vintage stores, and even popped into Anthropologie and Madewell.  But the main event was going for high tea at the Russian Tea Room, something that has been on my New York list for forever.  We had so much fun.  Rachel had her first taste of escargot (she was not pleased) and we feasted on tea cakes, chamomile and oolong tea.  I think my favorite thing was the scones.  The food wasn't exquisite or anything, but the scones were very tasty and soft.  (I loathe hard scones.)  The best part of the Tea Room is by far the ambiance.  It was gorgeous.  And so very strange!  We loved the cushy red leather booths and gold gilded everything.  And they also let us see the upstairs private room with the giant bear-shaped aquarium (bizarre) with the orange fish and the huge golden tree with the lit-up Faberge eggs.  And did I mention that Madonna once-upon-a-time worked the coat check here?!?  Click on the pictures below to see them larger - there is a lot of detail! 

The next day, Andy and Rachel babysat the boys so we could go out after I got off work.  We'd planned on going to see the Hunger Games because we both loved the books so much.  Mr. T also told me to dress up a bit because he was going to take me to a fancy restaurant.  Yippee!  We never get to go out so I was thrilled just to get to see the movie with him, but imagine my surprise when he took me to Red Rooster!!!  Red Rooster is Chef Marcus Samuelsson's restaurant in Harlem.  Being the Top Chef fan, this restaurant has been on my touristy list for a long time as well.  Tim spent 3 weeks of calling to get reservations here.  Three weeks.  And he only got a spot because someone canceled.  Crazy.  And yes, the food IS THAT GOOD.

We had an appetizer of cornbread with honey butter and tomato jam (so good... I think it had lingonberries in the tomato jam to make it sweet).  And for entrees, Mr. T ordered a "fried yard bird" which was quite tasty and I had the "mac and greens" which ended up being the BEST mac and cheese I have ever had, with gouda, comte, and NY cheddar cheeses.  Oh lordy.  And the "greens" was a tasty little salad with pearl onions.  Now, I freaking HATE onions, but I ate one of these thinking it was some type of melon or tomato or something Japanese.  I quite liked the taste, even AFTER I found out what I had eaten!  Anyone who can get me to eat an onion and enjoy it must be a culinary genius.  And dessert was a malted chocolate tart with red velvet ice cream, peanut brittle, and a sorrel reduction.  It was good, but we got the sweet potato doughnuts to go for breakfast the next morning and those were AMAZING.  What a treat.  (And Hunger Games was pretty awesome, too.)

As for the rest of the week, the boys have been pretty good.  We've been taking them outdoors to air them (and us) out after being cooped up all winter long.  It's been hard with just the one vehicle... this momma has been trapped in a birdcage apartment with two wiggly boys all winter.  I'm so thankful for sunny days.  Anyway, Oscar has been cracking us up with his daily vehicle talk - today he was a "brown limousine car with a shiny grill" and Charlie has been putting us in stitches when he pouts.  He does the "downward facing dog" yoga pose when he knows he has done something naughty or when he doesn't get his way.  It is absolutely hilarious.

This is Charlie angry about the safari hat not staying on his head.  Oh, to be one again.  I wish my problems were so easily fixed!

And finally (shew! this is a long stinking post, eh?), I want to leave you with a picture of my latest book club snack.  I did Jack Plank Tells Tales by Babbit and found this cute cookie idea on Pinterest.  They turned out pretty good.  It's a tricorne pirate hat chocolate shortbread kind of cookie with a mini Reese's PB cup baked inside.  Yum. 


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