12 July 2012

Sunny Days

A couple of weekends ago, Tim and I took the boys for a mini vacation in Pennsylvania.  We met up with my folks and got a hotel suite to share.  It was such fun!

 The main thing on our agenda was taking the boys to Sesame Place, a theme park that is built around the Sesame Street characters.  (While we don't watch a whole lot of TV, the boys are familiar with these characters because I have a killer collection of Sesame Street stuffed animals.  It's true.)  This theme park is great because it caters to the preschool crowd and most of the rides both boys could go on.  Charlie is still a bit young to really enjoy himself, but Oscar had a blast.  And the place is half dry rides and half water park, plus Sesame shows galore!  Can't beat that.  The price is a bit steep, but if you buy a two-day pass, I think it is worth it. 

We drove down Saturday and spent most of the day at the park, doing the dry rides and just hanging out together.  We saw the big parade at three o'clock (very cute) and headed back to the hotel for some rest and pool time.  We weren't in the car for more than two minutes before both boys totally crashed!  Diva and Poppa showed up and the boys were so thrilled to see their grandparents!  The next day we spent at the Crayola Factory in Allentown and then at a big Mennonite craft festival in Kutztown and then Monday was back at Sesame Place.  I don't think the boys could have handled more fun than those action-packed three days!  And if I'm being honest here, I have to say that maybe I enjoyed the Sesame Place experience more than the boys.  Yes, the boys were thrilled to meet Cookie Monster, but I was ENTHRALLED at standing in Mr. Hooper's store.  I have such great memories of Sesame Street!

Here is a little video I created from some of the Sesame Place pictures... (If you want to see the rest of them, you can check out my Flickr page.)

My favorite memories of this trip are: watching the surprise and laughter after Tim and the boys got a giant bucket of water dumped on their heads, seeing Oscar ride his first roller coaster, watching Charlie splash around in the pool, meeting our favorite Sesame characters, coloring things and playing with model magic at the Crayola Factory, Charlie doing his first water color art, shoe-fly pie and Chick-fil-a deliciousness, the Sesame Place Parade, rocking out to Cookie Monster's (and -gasp- Elmo's) rock concert with the boys, Diva and Poppa hugs and kisses, breakfasts and second breakfasts, and just having some special family time.  It was the best weekend ever.


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