16 July 2012


Well here we are, the 1000th post on my blog!!!  And what better way to celebrate my 1000th post than by telling you all some super special news?!? 

We're having another baby!  Zowie mama.  It's true!  In January, we become a family of five.  (That sounds so crazy to me... still wrapping my head around it.)  This baby came as a surprise to all of us, but what a happy thrill.

So, here is how I broke the news to Tim: I waited 3 whole weeks before revealing it - hardest 3 weeks of my LIFE.  I really wanted to give him a Father's Day shocker, especially since we found out we were pregnant with Charlie on Mother's Day almost two years ago.  I planned a special picnic on Governor's Island during their annual 1920's Jazz Age Lawn Party and got us all dolled up in period outfits.  Andy and Rachel met up with us and as we sat down to picnic amongst people playing croquet and dancing the Charleston, I handed Tim the box that he is holding in the picture above... (I had the camera all ready to go...)  I've never seen him so surprised!  It was the perfect reveal for our littlest marshmallow (that's what Oscar has already named this baby). 


Now I'm about 3 and a half months along and FINALLY into my second trimester.  We've had two ultrasounds already and we can't wait to see our little person again mid-August, when we find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  Eek! 

And thanks for reading!  Happy 1000!


Ladybug Crossing said...

OMG! Congratulations!! That's terrific news!
Hugs to all,

Château LaCar said...

Wonderful news! Congrats :) Hope you are feeling well!

Autumn said...

Congratulations on your surprise! What a fun way to tell Tim!

Donna Witek said...

Woo hoo, congrats Suzy! This is super exciting news! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes beautifully and without a hitch :) --Donna, your old library school buddy who is expecting to give birth to her first sometime in the next 2 weeks (!!!)

Christie Tudor said...

:D all I can say sweet Momma is that there will never be enough Bomgardners in the world to suit me! xoxo!!! Can't wait to see you and your newest baby bump!!!

Tristen said...

Oh my gosh, Suzy! Congratulations! This will be another exceedingly lucky little baby!

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