23 September 2012

Picture Time

Good news: tomorrow the seller is giving us keys to the place so we can start cleaning and painting!  Whoohoo!!!  And we close on Friday!

Want to see my soon-to-be abode?  I think it is adorable.  It has a lovely front porch and some great bones.  I can't wait to get in there and make it our home.  First things on our to-do list is painting the front door yellow and getting a privacy fence for the backyard.  Also getting rid of the carpet on the first floor.  I'm so excited about tomorrow I'm not sure I'll even sleep!


Trish said...

A privacy fence to keep the paparazzi away? For topless sunbathing?? Worked my first Sunday in Scarsdale without you today my dear. Missed you dearly!! Much luck and blessings and now where are the OTHER pictures?

Chris and Rachel said...

Suzy it's perfect! I'm so incredibly happy for you guys!

Christie Tudor said...

Wow! It's beautiful!!!

Mr News said...

Can we come and visit? Looks real comfy. Bet it has a sweet fireplace too.

John and Sandy Ihrig

Privacy Picket Fences said...

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