23 September 2012

Birthday Boy

Oscar's birthday was this past Thursday, but since he really doesn't know one day from the next and since we had just barely arrived in Johnson City on Wednesday, we postponed Oscar's birthday till Saturday.  It was a wild day.  And I'll be honest, he was no ball of joy for the whole first half of the day.  We got past the morning issues and he decided he was ready to accept turning four (instead of turning five and the fact that most of the time people put BOWS on gifts - yes, these really were our battles...) and we ended up having a great day.  Tim and I made Oscar a "chocolate CHOCOLATE cake with rainbow sprinkles" on top, as he requested, and he got a few nice presents.  Then we had a silly string fight outside and drove up to the Bristol Motor Dragway for Monster Mayhem - a car show and monster truck thing.  The boys went crazy!  It was pretty awesome.  Here are some pictures from our day...

(Awesome gift from Aunt Rachel and Uncle Andy... Oz is CRAZY about those two!)
(Somebody is wearing his cake and eating it too.)
(Silly String!!!)
(Monster trucks! Can't get much better than that. Or can it?!?)
(Yes, I like to think I'm a pretty good sport about boy things.)
(The boys in front of a "smart car" with a jet engine! Weird, but strangely entertaining.)
(These were train drag racers that were insanely loud and fiery.  Just what every boy craves.)
(Little Oscar in front of a monster truck tire...)
(This was the star of the show... a DinoTrux Crane thing called "Megasaurus."  It came up out of a tank-like vehicle and broke a car in half and breathed fire all over it.  Super exciting.  My boys were almost speechless.)
(Fireworks at the end of the night... just for Oscar's birthday.  Not really, but that is what we told HIM.)


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It seems like everyone had nice fun! Nice photos :)

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