01 January 2013

Maternity Pictures (or the calm before the storm)

Whoo buddy.  I'm nearing the final stretch here and I am relieved, to say the least.  I have eleven days until the little man arrives.  I know there is still TONS of work to do on the house and we are not anywhere close to being able to move our bedrooms upstairs, but I am so sick and tired of not being able to walk properly or cross my legs!  Guys really have no idea what it feels like to have this giant bubble on your belly that is in constant motion and that keeps you from being able to do normal everyday activities.  I seriously cannot sit on the floor without worrying about how I'm gonna be able to get back up.  That sucks.  But I am trying to soak all this pregnancy stuff in now while I can.  We've decided that this fella is going to be our very last baby.  Although now Oscar is trying to talk me into having two more boys after Henry and naming them Max and Alex.  Strange child of mine.  I can barely see myself with THREE boys let alone FIVE!  Me and my mini basketball team.


Christie Tudor said...

So beautiful! So excited for you!!! Sending you so much love! Need anything?

Christie Tudor said...

Tell us and we're there! ;)

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