10 January 2013

Charlie Turns Two

It seems like only yesterday I held this little fella in my arms and rocked this tiny 8 pounder to sleep.  Now I have a little boy who is full of energy and spunk, weighs nearly 25 pounds, lights up a room with his smile, says things that make me melt - like "love you, bra-ber" (brother), who loves to read and to sing "We Will Rock You", who wears his Lightning McQueen slippers everywhere - even to bed with him, can color like a champ, and can give me one look with those big brown eyes and get me to do ANYTHING for him.  Oh man.  I love this kid so much.  He is just incredible.  And every day I can see more growth from him.

It is going to be wild leaving him home with Diva and Poppa tomorrow for a few days to be at the hospital having Baby Henry.  I remember bringing Charlie home from the hospital and just marveling at his big brother Oscar and how much my little boy had grown up.  I know that feeling will be the same watching Charlie become a big brother.  I teared up this morning watching the two of them rock their doll, Baby Sam, in the bassinet I had just set up for Henry.  They were so sweet and gentle!  And then they tried to sing "RockaBye Baby."  Oh good grief.  You don't even have to be crazy hormonal (like I super am) for that to affect your tear ducts.  Geez.  My baby is going to be a big brother. 

Anyway, I am a firm believer in the "Every Dog Has His Day" rule and, mostly by sheer willpower, I have kept Henry's presence from totally effecting Charlie's birthday.  (I know in the future they may want to share a birthday party or something, but for now I don't want my little guy to get lost in the newness of having a baby brother yet.)  We had mostly a family party since Tim and I decided long ago that parties will be every other year.  We did have Tim's ASP college team come since the boys are completely CRAZY about them and Diva (my mom) was here as well. We had a super fun mustache party! 

The boys both had so much fun.  Charlie had been practicing blowing out candles all week long, so he was really ready to blow those candles.  It took him like two seconds to do it!  I had to relight them 3 times for him to feel satisfied that he really did get those candles out.  Crazy kiddo.  I bought some stick-on mustaches for everyone to wear, too.  Charlie's stuck on the longest.  He thought he was so grown up.  He really is my sweet little man!

About the party itself, I made a giant chocolate mustache cake and Diva made some mustache ginger snaps.  I had some felt mustache pins for everyone and some fun photobooth props to play with.  I also served "cuties" (little oranges), sixlets, and chocolate milk - all favorites of my little men.  We also grilled some burgers and dogs and had "beer."  Rootbeer, that is.  Here are some more snapshots of the party...

The party was a great success.  I think Charlie had a blast and he really felt like a big boy.  And tomorrow he becomes a big brother!  Ack!

Thanks for reading.


Christie Tudor said...

Pure love! What a great kid - what a smile!

Gosh you're a good Mom! I love you so much and will be thinking about you. You're so close sweet lady! Big big hugs across the miles! You need us, we're just a word away. (Even if you need help with the boys.) <3

becky said...

Homesick for you guys! And little Charlie isn't so little anymore, sniff!

Can't wait to meet baby Henry.

Domestic Bloggess said...

Awesome party!!! Good luck with Henry's arrival!

Laura Sue said...

I wanted to be like you when I was 14. I won't mention my age at this point, but I still want to be like you. What a precious family you have! Keep being you, Suzy. You're so good at it :)

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