13 February 2013

My Funny Valentine

It's been a LONG month since last I've posted.  I have much to blog about.  For starters, the day after my last post, we had our baby boy Henry!  We were at the hospital for the c-section 4 days, during which time the older boys caught colds.  We returned home (and did our best to quarantine) but were only there for about a week when Henry caught RSV and was hospitalized for a collapsed lung.  Yikes.  I stayed in the hospital with him for 5 days.  While we are still currently doing breathing treatments with him, he is doing much better and no longer has that terrible cough.  We just now celebrated Henry's 1 month birthday with a yummy cookie party.  Here are some photos from the party...  He is so cute!

BTW, the paper 3D hearts were super easy to make!  The idea came from one of my favorite blogs - How About Orange.  The cookies were also easy and really yummy.  Find the tutorial here.  I used the Martha Stewart recipe for royal icing and it tasted amazing.

Thanks for reading!


Lydia said...

These are such sweet photos! Little H sure is a sweet pea.
Vivian has that same apple sleep and play outfit.

Jill said...

5 cents?! What a deal!!

Christie Tudor said...

Breath taking. <3

Mary Feldhaus said...

Mary Feldhaus said.
Suzy and Tim,
The wonderful holiday baby pics tradition continues with little Henry in the spotlight! I loved all the photos. Couldn't believe how grown up Oscar is, but oh my goodness, Charlie changed the most. Suzy, you look gorgeous for just having had a C-section and a sick baby. Hey, I wish I could eat one of your Valentine cookies. Some things never change! Love, Mary

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