02 September 2009



Sigh... Some days you just need to get away. It makes you a better person and a better parent.

For my thirtieth (oh so old!) birthday, hubby booked us a bed and breakfast about 45 minutes away from my parents place in Virginia and Oscar went to "Diva Camp" for the night. I totally have the BEST parents!!! (Thank you thank you thank you!) We stayed in Charlottesville at the Clifton Inn, which was spectacular. We slept in and then went sightseeing at a place I've always wanted to visit - Monticello! We also saw Ash Lawn, home of James Monroe, and stopped off at the very touristy Michie Tavern. It was just what this girl needed. Here is a little video of our lovely getaway.

If you want even MORE, check out my flickr set to see the whole collection of photos...

*** A note about where we stayed: ***
We completely had an AMAZING time at the Clifton Inn. I would highly recommend it. It's funny, because we booked our stay online and purchased a night in their cheapest room (it was all we could afford, but still way steep at $200 bucks) and we ended up being given their most EXPENSIVE room! I don't know how this happened and we were not charged the difference (thank heavens - we're talking another $400+) but holy geez. I've NEVER even heard of a freaking baby grand piano as an amenity (not to mention the turn-down service, the port and sherry decanters, the ginormous shower with multiple shower heads on the side walls, and the fancy "tea time..."). For our stay, we were know as "the Carriage House guests." For reals. And we were treated like royalty. I could totally get used to that! Somehow, lavender martinis and chocolate toffee plus a swimming pool with a "vanishing edge" and waterfall/hot tub seem a bit different from my daily 6:30 Oscar wake-up call and Slimfast regiment. Ah me.


chad. said...

you went to charlottesville.

I am so freaking jealous.

but I'm glad you guys had a good time!

Suzy said...

Thanks Chadley!

Christie said...

wow - what a dream!

heather ryan morse said...

what a fun getaway! makes me excited about ours in december :)

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