30 July 2010

Aquarium Visit

I know it seems like I'm an absentee blogger lately... Sorry readers! I've been so preoccupied with gutting out our guest room, trying to make room for baby #2. And if I'm not busy doing that, I'm playing with baby #1. And when baby #1 goes down for his noon-time nap (cue the angels singing), I usually crash, too. So goes the vicious circle. It seems like I'm just barely getting stuff done lately. I'm just treading water or something. So, if all you see are weekly "felt food" posts, be proud of me that I've at least kept that up!

We have done a few fun things this summer, though. I am usually working at the library on the weekends, but every now and then Tim takes some time off and we go do something fun. This is an outing that has been on our list for a while now... taking Oz to his first aquarium.

We went to Norwalk, CT to a smaller local place, so it wouldn't be too overwhelming. Oz seemed to enjoy it very much! He especially liked hanging out with Uncle Andy (who came along with us) and he liked playing in the Aquarium playground area. We got to touch sting rays, see Meerkats, act like boat captains, watch the seals and penguins, and even see a bunch of cool frogs. It was a good "first" for our little man. Here are some pics of the visit...


Prescott, AZ said...

That looks like so much fun!! You guys do such a great job at taking him on new amazing adventures. He and his little sibling are so lucky to have you two as parents! Love you guys.

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