30 July 2010

Felt Food Fridays (and Oscar's New Kitchen)

Here's my baby.

And here is his newest toy. We got the COOLEST kitchen ever at a yard sale a few weeks ago. Oz is crazy for it. (It's a sturdy wooden "manly" kitchen and it was only $20 bucks!) Now Oscar is always pulling you by the hand and saying "Play cooking?" And he'll spend hours stacking those wooden food blocks (behind him) and placing them just right on his shelves. We got those at the Children's Museum of Manhattan for like a dollar a piece and they have already seen a lot of action. Oh happy investment! Here are some more pics of the wooden blocks...

Anyway, now Oscar has a place to play with all his felt food. Huzzah! So this week, I decided he needed something he could "cook" on the stove top. And I wanted it to be something healthy this time around because making these play foods gives me all sorts of wacky cravings. I swear, the week I made the cinnamon rolls, we had to have them for breakfast not just once but a few times. Ask me what I had for lunch today?!? Well...

I had ravioli! And here is why... Looks good, huh? How about some broccoli florets and ravioli?

Almost good enough to eat!

(But you probably shouldn't try... Otherwise you'll make this face.)

I saved my favorite photo for last (above). This one cracks me up because there is some strange lighting thing going on (bad sun exposure or something). Basically, it looks like Oscar is really cooking! It makes me imagine a steamy kitchen as my little fella fixes a real pot of ravioli. Are these scenes to come? Will my baby grow up to be a top chef? And will he say that it's all because he grew up playing with some awesome felt food? Only time will tell.


Christie said...

holy moly that is awesome - the whole thing! What an amazing set for $20! Find of the year! and the blocks are seriously cool. Meticulous huh? wonder where he gets it? he's got that on both sides ;) seriously kicking myself for not quitting SB sooner so I could be there to get Suzy and Oscar hugs, and some play cooking too! miss you and hope you had a great week!

Prescott, AZ said...

I love it!

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