23 July 2010

Felt Food Fridays

Look yummy? Good enough to eat? Well, I'm back with another offering to the felt food gods... This one was mostly based on a great online tutorial by Snazzle Craft. Check it out! It was pretty easy - just cutting out and blanket stitching pretty much. I did change the tomato slice to look more like this awesome little guy, though. (The seeds are a "Lazy Daisy" stitch. My mom will get a kick out of that.) And I added the word "Chips" to the chip bag because Oz is into letters right now. He chants the letters of his name all the time... "O! S! C! A! R!" Oh well. At least he knows how to spell it. That's half the battle.

Sandwich Contents: tomato slice, piece of lettuce, slice of Swiss cheese, slice of American cheese, piece of salami, and two slices of bread

The chips look a lot more complicated than they should... Those are actually machine stitched. The tutorial has you basically sew a bunch of lines on a piece of felt and THEN cut out the chip. Hey, time saver! So, all in all, the whole project took about 3 or 4 hours scattered throughout the week, in between playing cars and "cooking" with Oz.

(And just for kicks, I did some PB&J too. It's also in with the tutorial, but I did two pieces blanket stitched instead of just a single piece of purple and brown felt.)


Prescott, AZ said...

Simply amazing Suzy! You are so awesome! By the way, Harper asked if she could have some felt food for Christmas. I know right??? Crazy that those would be her first words!!!

teri the big red dog said...

O.M.G!!! i am totally in awe of your felt creations!! this is officially added to the list of things i must learn how to do! what are you going to do with all these awesome little gems?

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