17 January 2011

My 2011 List

(Just so you know, this post is for you gals- Christie and Kari.)

Remember my ambitious project I started in January last year? I posted my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days? Well, I am proud to say that I really did get through a good deal of my fatty list! I'm going to repost the list for you reader, with stars on the items I've completed because hey, I earned them. I'll put plus signs ("+") next to the ones I'm in the process of working on. I hope you enjoy! And by the way, the 1001 days are not up yet so I still have time to finish. Booya.
1. study 6 different cultures per year; have a themed weekend for each with food, music, culture and geographical info for the family
2. make a quilt (I got halfway on this TWICE, but no still no dice.)
3. buy a house
4. go fly a kite
* 5. get a new pair of shoes (got me some funky brown boots)
* 6. make a first aid kit for my car
* 7. learn to make crepes
+ 8. create a dance mix for me and Oscar (this is in the works)
* 9. go through my closet and get rid of or refashion my old clothes
10. share/conquer my biggest fear
* 11. make a stranger smile
+12. call my sister at least once a month
+13. watch all of the star trek movies (got two of them under my belt...)
14. re-read a favorite novel
*15. meet some new mommy friends
*16. plan a weekend getaway (My birthday trip counts, right?)
*17. finish Oscar's baby book
*18. throw a fancy party (I hosted a "gender revel party" and a baby shower)
+19. learn how to edit movies (getting closer... anyone have any good tips on using iMovie?)
*20. hand write someone a letter (Thank you notes count, right?!?)
+21. skype with the grandparents once a month
22. get dirty and plant some veggies!
23. make business cards for "the purple peachicken"
*24. find a good church
*25. get rid of at least two boxes in storage in VA
*26. eat/drink a pomegranate
*27. take my kid to story time regularly
*28. watch an old tv series (A-Team)

+29. check off 5 things on my NYC list (I did my "Project Runway Day," went to the "Little Red Lighthouse Festival," and went to the NYC Children's Museum so far)
+30. finish my European trip scrapbooks - yes, plural... (I still have Venice, Florence, and Rome to go)
31. grow some flowers from seeds
32. create my own crafty pattern and a tutorial for my blog
*33. organize the guest room closet (this happened by force - I lost the "craft" closet when the office became Oscar's new bedroom and the nursery became nursery to baby Charlie!)
34. play with a yo-yo (yeah, this will probably never happen.)
35. make a felt playhouse for Oscar
36. post a blog entry about each of my family members
37. work on building my etsy site
38. visit Mystic, CT
***39. have another baby (This one deserves at least three stars, right?)
40. tour a working factory
41. learn to cook at least three new meals (successfully)
42. write up a living will
+43. make a recipe cards and copy down/organize all of our recipes (I bought those cute "Black Apple" cards I posted about here...)
44. compile a "year one" Oscar video
*45. reorganize the storage in the basement
*46. redecorate/paint our bedroom
47. take a class with Tim (ballroom dancing, anyone?)
48. make a slipcover for the guest room chair
49. go on a road trip to at least 4 different states
+50. update/redesign my blog and Oscar's blog (I still need a cute header on mine)
+51. sew up Oscar's car play mat (bought some super cute material at Purl Patchwork...)
*52. go through all my magazines and save only the good parts - recycle the rest
53. get a new bicycle and start taking family bike rides
*54. learn to make some jewelry (two words: "Christie" and "shrinky-dinks")
55. learn to do wool felting
*56. make lots of felt play food for Oscar
+57. get caught up in my photo editing/posting (I got caught up, but now I have tons of baby Charlie pics!)
*58. figure out some crafty things to do with my millions of baby food jars
*59. reorganize my craft cabinet and reconfigure my crafty space
60. learn more about different types of fabrics and how to use them
61. get a real (non-point-and-shoot) camera
62. purchase (and learn to use) a serger
63. do my first cartwheel (I should just take this one off the list. Who am I kidding?!?)
+64. visit 5 different museums (NY Children's Museum, so far)
+65. clean out my (scary) garage (this will always be a work in progress, I fear)
66. rent 26 movies (I've never seen before) each starting with a different letter of the alphabet
67. create a font out of my own handwriting
*68. try a new food, regardless of how frightening it is (Ethiopian! And it was tasty.)
69. go camping with the boys (Andy can come too.)
70. read a classic novel that is over 500 pages long
*71. lose 20+ pounds and keep it off (I did this, then got knocked up again. Doh!)
72. floss my teeth every night for a month
73. buy a stunning little black dress and go out on the town
+74. learn how to fold 25 different paper crafts (I learned how to make a flower pot out of toilet paper. Want to learn too?)
+75. watch all of the James Bond flicks, from start to finish (about halfway there...)
76. memorize one of my favorite poems
+77. watch 10 movie "classics" that I've never seen before (seen at least 4 now)
78. visit Seattle with Tim
79. write and illustrate my very own children's book
80. use the GPS to try geocaching
81. go for a ride in either a helicopter or a hot air balloon
*82. reconnect with an old friend
*83. clean out my filing cabinet
84. make Tim take me to Cape May for Victorian Week
85. go skinny dipping, preferably some place warm
86. learn how to build a good camp fire
87. research our family tree
*88. learn how to cut my kid's hair (Poor Oscar.)
89. walk in a marathon of some sort
*90. weed my book collection (this sort of happened by force..)
+91. figure out how to use my stupid cell phone
+92. drink more water daily
+93. watch 10 movies from the year I was born - 1979 (seen 3 so far)
*94. put together a giant puzzle with hubby
*95. win a giveaway or a contest of some sort (Huzzah! So what that it was just a funky little notebook...I'm still a winner.)
96. create something using iron-on printer fabric sheets
97. learn how to properly use chopsticks
98. go see a hockey game
99. read a biography, 100+ pages, at least...
100. host my very own cocktail party, dresses and all
101. spent a week on the sea (Tim, if you've read this far, when are you taking me on a cruise? Don't you think I deserve one? Pretty please?)
So, there are 32 things down and 19 more on deck. Sweet. I feel like that is an accomplishment. I know I probably won't get a whole lot more done this year, seeing as how I will be chasing another little monkey around. Oh well. I still have over 600 days to get my act together. A whole lot can happen in that amount of time, even a week-long cruise.


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