15 January 2012

Robot Invitation

We decided on a "Vintage Robot" themed birthday party for little Charlie this year, since we decorated his nursery in all vintage robots.  It turned out really cool and super fun!  I especially liked the way the invitation turned out.  We made an awesome cowboy invitation for our first son's first birthday, so we had already set the bar high and knew we had to deliver on this one.  This time, instead of a wooden invitation, we sent a metal one!  Want to see?

The inspiration for this invitation came from this chick's great idea for her kiddo's robot party.  I loved the wording she used and her use of a CD case was totally brilliant!  I used her basic design as my starting point.  The invitation is a CD case core with interactive paper parts - a ticker-tape paper spill-out of all the party information.  I found metal brads with screw heads for the top of the invitation and I included a detachable magnet of Charlie for the inside cover.  The invitation base is raised slightly with foam stickers so that the ticker-tape can lay flat inside the "Open Me" flap.  When you open it up, the contents of the ticker-tape spill out and there are pictures of Charlie in a cardboard robot hat and the details of the party.  On the other side of the ticker-tape is a family photo album of robots! 


 We're proud of our little Charlie and hope that this invitation shows just how thrilled we are that our baby has turned one!



Anonymous said...

Hello. I was wanting something like this for my sons birthday. Do you make and sell them, or would you?

Anonymous said...

^^ sorry, I didnt see that it went through the first time.

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